5 Ways to Save This Winter

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Happy Frugal Friday, y’all!! Since we totaled our minivan, we have been on the real struggle bus with money!! All of our bills are paid, but Hubs and I have gone into survival mode once again! This means, he is determined to work tons of hours at work and I am determined to pinch as many pennies as possible!! Here are 5 ways we are knocking down bills and expenses this winter!


1. Turn Down the Heat

  •  Just dropping the thermostat by a few degrees will lower your heat bill by 3%. If you’re like my brother-in-law, you tend to keep your house at a hot 72. If you kept it at say, 68, not only would you save money, but people wouldn’t catch pnemonia when they exit your house in the frigid temps. (That last part is sarcasm for those of you who do not speak it as a second language.)


2. Dress Appropriately 

  • For us in the mid west, we would never dress in shorts and a t-shirt and expect to go outside without some consequences. So why do people expect to dress that way at home in the winter months? Just by wearing socks, sweatpants or PJ pants, and a long-sleeve shirt or light jacket, you will be surprisingly warm. Then, you won’t complain so much about that thermostat being lowered.
  • Quick tip: If you can wear shorts in the winter at home, you’re house is too warm!


3. Use Blankets

  • Use multiple blankets at night: We drop our temp even lower at night, so we bundle up. No one will wake up frozen, but it’s nice to use a couple of extra blankets when its -10 outside. My husband and I don’t share a blanket anyways, so it’s nice to have our own comforter.
  • Use Blankets in General: When Hubs and I sit down at night to watch our shows, we each take a couch and a blanket. We are all warm and cozy and we are saving money at the same time!!


4. Lower Your Water Temperature

  • This tip is really good for any time of year, but we have a tendency to notice more in the winter what temperature our water is. Keep your water heater at 120 degrees. Ever gone to wash your hands/dishes and been scolded by the water being too hot? Yep, turn it down. If you don’t use the setting, you don’t need it!


5. Holding in Heat

  • Keep Your Doors Shut: The more doors you keep closed in your home, the more you will save. Even Peanut (age 2.5) knows to shut the doors when we leave a room.
  • Close Vents: Got a room in your house you don’t use much? Maybe an office or laundry room that has a vent? Close them. This will help direct heat to the other rooms of your house that you use more often.
  • Window Insulation: If you have really old windows or windows that let in lots of cold air, you can insulate them in the winter. On our last two houses, this made a HUGE difference. They had very old windows and after using these a month, our home was warmer and our bill lower.
  • Door Seals: You can purchase seals to put under your door to keep in heat and keep out cold. Since we were on epic survival mode two years ago, we found putting a towel or thick blanket by the door seal helped keep some air out. You could do that until your seals come in or if you’re short on cash.
  • Heaters: Now, these can take your bills through the roof if used incorrectly. Please do your research before purchasing or using a heater. We used a small eco heater when Peanut was a baby. Even though he was dressed super warm, he still would get chilly no matter what the thermostat was set to. This one had a sensor, so it would only kick on if the room got below a certain temp.  In our old house (800sq) we would just turn off the heat at night and use that same heater to heat our room. Believe it or not, it was actually a better use.

What are some ways you keep your bills low in the winter? Leave me a comment, I’d love to save even more!

All images in this post are courtesy of MorgueFile.Com

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