Plan of Action

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Ah yes, here is Part 4 of our 5 Part Series! My personal favorite, the Plan of Action. Now, I am going to (try) cover all different speeds of planning. I am 100% Type A, plan every detail. Others are more laid back. Some people don’t want any plan at all. Let’s be real, when spending over $1000 (at least) on a vacation, it would be extremely silly and wasteful to not have at least a plan to reference. Let’s get started!

Part: 1, 2, & 3


Hardcore Planning
Now, remember in Part 1 when I mentioned Touring Plans? I am in no way affiliated with them, I just don’t see how to plan down to the T without them! As I said, I plan hardcore. I don’t see any other way if you have young kids. Children thrive on routine. Disney is overstimulating, exhausting, and amazingly awesome! You’ll want to account for all that! =D At Touring Plans, you can create a complete customized plan or choose your speed.

You can pick which parks you’ll be at on each day, which rides to get fastpasses for, any reservations, the speed in which you plan to walk, if you plan to use any rider switch on those rides.

Yes, it plans your whole day!!

Do we follow it down to the very last thing?? Not always, but it’s still nice to plan. You’re at Disney, have fun, and relax, BUT by having a plan, you get to see everything you want and get the most bang for you buck!! You can also use Touring Plan’s app in the park (if you have a membership) to look at real-life, user submitted wait times. Anything under 20 minutes is good for wait times!


Medium Speed

If you’re like my bestie, Jess, you like to bother me with your moderate planning!! ;] I know, I am the “weird” one. Anyways…

On medium speed, you’ll still want an idea of what days you want to do which parks, which rides so you can get fastpasses 60 days in advance, and think about your dining because you make those reservations 180 days.

See, Disney is on my side with the hardcore planning…I would still recommend Touring Plans at this level, even if you use the free crowd calendar. You just have to check early to see your dates unless you’re a member.  You don’t have to plan every ride you’ll do, or the exact time you’ll eat, but you’ll get a good idea of where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing!


Bare Minimum

Surprisingly for me, this one is the easiest one to write about. Maybe because it takes the least amount of thought? Anyways. If you just want to completely do whatever you feel when the mood strikes, sleep in, etc on your Disney vacation (y’all obviously don’t have toddlers…) you still need some idea of what you’re doing. You should already know your dates, resort, etc this is just about the parks. You can hop on over to Touring Plans about a month or two before your trip and see what the crowds look like (that part is free, but you have to look early).

You can see which parks will have early or late park closing, larger crowds, which events, etc. Then you can say, eh we can do this park this day, maybe.

Just a general idea. You don’t have to think about much else. Ya Bums. Sorry, inner planner typed that…


Top Rides with Fastpasses (Bold is Most Important)

Magic Kingdom:
Meet Anna and Elsa
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Space Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Enchanted Tales with Belle
Peter Pan’s Flight
Splash Mountain

Tier 1:
Test Track

Tier 2:
Mission Space
Turtle Talk with Crush
Spaceship Earth

Animal Kingdom:
Expedition Everest
Kilimanjaro Safaris
Kali River Rapids

Hollywood Studios
Tier 1:
Rock N Roller Coaster
Toy Story Mania

Tier 2:
Tower of Terror
Star Tours
Voyage of the Little Mermaid


To learn more about Fastpass+, the eligible rides, and the other top recommondations please visit DW.COM or WDW Prep School.


Top Dining Locations

Be Our Guest (Magic Kingdom-Dinner Only)

Chef Mickey’s (Contemporary Resort) & Other Character Meals

Play & Dine (Hollywood Studios): This is a character dining, but this is our personal favorite! It features Disney Jr Characters (Jake, Manny, Sofia, and Doc). I recommend breakfast around 8 so you can be in the parks early and head to Toy Story Mania!

Le Cellier Steakhouse (Epcot/Canada)

Victoria and Albert’s (Grand Floridian Resort and Spa-No Children 10 & Under)

Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue (Fort Wilderness Lodge)

Rose and Crown Restaurant & Other Fireworks Viewing Hotspots

List of all Disney Dining Locations



Last Minute Tips

  • Get Fastpasses or Dining Reservations– These will save you the most time and money because the less you’re doing, the less you’re getting your money’s worth!
  • Limit rides that are more than 20 minute Wait Times– The longer the wait, the less you can do! Use a free or paid app to view real-life park wait times!
  • Use Rider Switch– The nifty tool for parents with young kids. You can both ride with only one wait time!
  • Utilize being on-property: If you’re staying on property, utilize the fact that you can go back and nap, hang by the pool, etc. Then, come back later for the fireworks! You don’t have to spend the entire day in the park. You can come until about 2 or 3, then come back around 7. It’d actually be better than staying until the late evening and leaving before the fireworks! Works for all ages! Disney is tiring!

So there ya have it!! Plan of Action for Disney! Your trip planning will take MUCH longer than this if you really want to plan BUT now you have a general idea of WHAT needs to be planned, thought of, or considered. Did I miss anything? What type of planner are you? Comment below!

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