Christmas on a Budget: Part 1- Decorating

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Hey Frugal Friends!! Welcome to the new blog! I am so glad you could join me! I hope this post brings encouragement as we enter this hectic holiday season!

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As always, I strive to have Christ at the Center. Strive is the key word! I am by no means perfect at it and never will be! Luckily, putting Christ at the Center of CHRISTmas, is a bit easier! As always, spending the least amount as possible is also the goal, as well as simple and pretty. ;P

For decorations this year, I was wanting some decor that we wouldn’t mind getting torn up if our three-year-old or cat got into because lets face it, it happens every year! Hand made ended up being the way we went! I didn’t spend any more than $10 on everything featured in this post! To be quite honest, this has been our best (and most fun) decor yet!


I always loved making those paper chains in elementary school for the tree! I just so happened to have some green and red construction paper. All I did was cut small strips, glue the ends, and applied with tape. Simple, easy, and quite adorable if you ask me! Final Cost = $0

I knew I wanted something in-between them, so I did a quick search on pinterest! This is actually supposed to be a banner, but I used them individually between each chain group. I simply printed on cardstock and wah-lah! Here is where you can download this, courtesy of The Girl Creative. Final Cost = $0


This is one of my favorite elements! I have always liked the idea of printing up a big canvas to whip out for the holidays, but it has never been in the budget. Instead, I did a quick google search and found these adorable Mickey hats! I simply cut and put a small piece of tape on the back. It doesn’t affect the canvas, is easily removeable, and super cute! Final Cost = $0


We generally do inexpensive window clings. It’s fun for Peanut boy and doesn’t cost more than a couple of dollars. I wanted to do something more winter related so we could keep it up for longer than a month, plus I love any excuse to work on crafts together! So, I whipped out some computer paper and made these paper snowflakes! Simple, inexpensive, and cute. Since Peanut boy was a little too small to do designs, I cut them and he colored a couple! Then, we just taped them up! I love pulling up to our house and seeing them on the window! ;) Final Cost = $0

Notice the cute little boy underneath??

Notice the cute little boy underneath??

We needed a new tree topper this year. Our star broke last year and we have yet to replace it. We would like to purchase something meaningful and well made to last us years. However, that just wasn’t in the budget! Instead, we had a Santa hat from the Dollar Tree we weren’t using, so we simply placed it on top of our tree! Final Cost = $0


This was such a fun, inexpensive craft! This also happened to be the most expensive of all of them! Everything in this project was purchased from Walmart’s craft section! I found clear ornaments, paint, and some ribbon. [I strongly suggest visiting your craft section to see what they have. The online prices are much much higher than in my store and not as much selection.] I have linked a tutorial on how to fill the ornaments. We mostly used paint and sharpie to decorate the outside. We chose to use ribbon instead of hooks this year on our tree. Last year, our cat knocked a bunch down and they were dangerous for our little guy (and feet). Final Cost = $10


The rest of our decor is trinkets and pictures that we keep in our Christmas tote and get out every year. If you’re wanting some cute Christmas decor for cheap, check thrift stores, especially Goodwill. They generally have some all year, but an abundance around the holidays! We only have a few, but they are some of our favorite pieces and we never spent more than a couple of dollars on each one. Some were also gifts or passed down to us. We place past holiday photos in cheap frames and set them up. The frames were a clearance find years ago and come in all sizes. Its fun to see Hubby & I’s first Christmas card every year, compared to our family ones now with our little Peanut boy! Final Cost = $0 (can cost less than $5)


So there you have it! Fun, inexpensive, (and somewhat) Christ-Centered holiday decor! Did this help? Do you prefer handmade or store bought decor? Let us know in the comments! Happy day Frugal Friends!

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