35 Week Pregnancy Update

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Ah 35 weeks. As many of you know, our little man, Liam, was born at 35 weeks 6 days. So, when my Dr said, “you better be pregnant next time I see you”, I knew he had jinxed me.

Here’s a little recap in case you don’t know much about my current pregnancy:

  • Progesterone 17 shots starting at 24 weeks
  • Went in for contractions at 30 weeks- Just dehydrated, cervix closed
  • History of preterm baby
  • Gestational diabetes

Now that you’re up to speed…

I decided since Li came at 35 weeks, I would go ahead of have everything ready and make that my last week of work. I still have some photo sessions booked and some to edit, but figured I’d still have some time.

I woke up Monday and headed to my session out of town. It felt like babe had dropped or lightened. Most first time moms experience this weeks before, but second or subsequent pregnancies don’t until baby is coming or a few days before. I had also been losing my mucus plug for a couple of weeks at this point. A. I did not know that’s what it was at the time B. It doesn’t mean much. I was relieved that babe had dropped, since it made it much easier for me to breath, especially since I had a long day in store.

Tuesday, my home health nurse came and gave me my shot. If you don’t know about these shots, they are supposed to keep the cervix closed. I was supposed to get these shots from 16 weeks-37 weeks. There was a whole situation with my insurance and I didn’t even end up getting it sorted out until 24 weeks. Either way, my cervix was closed at 30 so they weren’t very concerned.

Wednesday was my next to last day at work. I tried to take it easy since I knew babe had dropped. Around 12 I started getting mild contractions. Within an hour, they were 5 minutes apart and getting intense. I called Kyle to come pick me up. By the time he got there, they were 3-4 minutes apart and I cried with each one. With Li, I didn’t have contractions until they put me on pitocin. My water just ruptured.

We ran home, grabbed our stuff, droppped Li at daycare, and headed to Labor and Delivery. At this point, my contractions were 2 minutes apart. The nurse checked me and I was 3 cm dilated and 50% efaced! They gave me a shot to slow down my contractions, some fluids, and some pain meds, since I couldn’t get up from the bed to try to relieve them naturally because that would only dilate me more. Finally, after 5 hours, we were sent home. My contractions had slowed down and I was still at 3cm. I was put on extreme bedrest (only up to go to the bathroom), and had to make an appointment to be checked the next day.

Thursday, at 5 am, I woke up with contractions again. At first, they were about 10 minutes or so, but by 8, when I had to call, they were around 2-3 minutes. Back to L&D we went. The nurse checked me and I was around 3/4 cm. This time, they had a hard time monitoring my contractions. Again, they gave me some pain meds and I had to wait it out. After 3 hours, my contractions had slowed down and I didn’t dilate anymore.

They want him to stay in until 36 weeks at least, 37 if I can. Yet I am not on bed rest and have no restrictions. I have an appointment Wednesday, at 36 weeks.

These next two weeks are an anxious waiting game. Will he come today? Will my water break? Kyle and I have tried to keep ourselves busy by finishing up our last minute tasks. Shampooing the floors, grocery shopping, etc. About an hour ago, I was feeling great and started to get cramps again. All I can do is lay down and drink fluids.

Through all of this, the positives are that baby is fine and we want to keep it that way! We all want a healthy babe. Just wanted to give an update to those who were interested! My next post should be his birth story =]


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