Tips & Products For Your Teething Baby

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Happy Monday Frugal Friends! Today’s post is brought to you by a certain cute baldy. The kid has been teething since 3 months old and is currently working on his molars at almost 11 months. Having gone through two teething kiddos, I thought I’d share my favorite products and tips with you!

This post contains affiliate links, but as always, these products are only mentioned because I like and use them myself!

1. Punkinbutt Teething Oil

OH. MY. WORD! I first found out about punkinbutt teething oil in my breastfeeding group. Orajel is no longer recommended and actually hardened the gums, making it more painful to nurse, so this was a great alternative. It’s no surprise I love essential oils and this is a wonderful blend! The price had me flenching a bit, but let me tell you. We have been using it for almost 6 months and you’d think it was a brand new bottle, no doubt we will have more than enough to last until he gets all of his teeth! The 2 oz bottle is more than enough, in my opinion! If he would unlatch and scream, I’d apply some to the top and bottom gums and as soon as I would latch him back on he would be good to go! I had finally found the perfect solution! Seriously, I will preach this stuff as long as I live! It also smells heavenly!

2. Amber Teething Necklace

A lot of people view these as trends, say they don’t really work, are a waste of money, blah blah blah. These have been around for hundreds of years. Bug has been sporting one since about three months old. He would drool excessively. I went to a local children’s boutique, picked one up, and BAM. No more drooling. I am not the first to say this. Plenty of friends of mine swear by them as well. There are plenty of fakes out there. Make sure to get one that is 100% Authentic Baltic Amber. You can buy from a reputable seller or read reviews.  Here is a highly recommended brand. As with anything, use common sense. Make sure to pick a safe length and remove when appropriate.

3.Sophie the Giraffe

Oh Sophie. How I love thee! I will admit, when I purchased her for my oldest, I only bought it because that was the hot item to buy. It also comes with a hefty price tag. Let me tell you though, she does not disappoint. She is a favorite teether and an irreplaceable companion to have at a child’s photoshoot. She is a winner with my own kids and little clients, alike!


Who knew boobs were just more than milk machines?! When a teething baby nurses, it provides comfort and releases Oxytocin to help with pain relief. Even if you are an exclusive pumper, formula user, or someone other than mama, skin-to-skin works in the same way. Sometimes, I will wear just an undershirt, strip babe down, and throw him in my carrier. Which brings me to my next tip…

5. Baby Wearing

This is must for a tired, cranky, teething baby. We own a Tula and absolutely love it!! It’s one of the more expensive carriers, but we can (and do) wear it for hours at a time and it is extremely comfortable. I also have a moby for newbies and a mei tai as a back up, both that were purchased at kids consignment stores. I also found my best friend a Lillebaby, another top carrier, for around $40. What a steal! No matter what carrier you’re rocking, this is the only way to save my sanity when he is in the midst of teething and it always provides sleepy dust!

6. Cool Wash Cloth

When in doubt, low on funds, or visiting Grandma’s house, a cool wash cloth to chew on does the trick, just as well! Not too much explanation needed for this one!

7. Breastmilk Ice Chips

I love this idea! Since I became a SAHM a few months ago, I have lots of frozen breast milk not being used. I have donated some and plan to donate more, but spoon feeding breastmilk chips helps my little guy with pain, provides nutrients, and uses up our supply. You could even pump and place in an ice tray or cup when needed.

Well, those are my tried and true products and tips for a teething baby. What do you do for your little one? Do you use any of these? Are you going to try any of them? Please comment below! Have a blessed day you guys!


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