Nolan’s 6 Month Update

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Huh? What? 6 months old?? There is no way?! Way! Goes to show how often I update this bad boy! A lot has changed in these past 6 months. For one…this guy…


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At 6 months old, Nolan is a pretty chill baby. He is very smart and loves to check out the world. Liam was always very silly, even from a couple of months old. Always cracking up, always moving. Nolan has a good laugh and likes to roll around, but he also just likes to hang out and figure it out.

We have started BLW [Baby-led weaning]. So far he loves bacon [no surprise there, who doesn’t?] and broccoli.

We are still doing cloth diapers..although we haven’t had any “solids” poops yet, but we have a sprayer for when he actually takes more than a bite or two at a time.

We had many breastfeeding problems, which is a whole other post. Luckily, we just hit our first goal and no plans of stopping any time soon! He loves his boob milk!!

One word to describe Nolan is: sweet. Just a sweet, precious gift from God.

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Nolan’s 1 Week Update

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Well, it’s official, my baby is already a week old! It’s been a long week in a sense, but I still can’t believe it.

Nolan was doing extremely well at the hospital. We were released at the 48 hour mark. We had a good first night home. Liam absolutely loves his “itsy boy”. I have no idea where the nickname came from, but its pretty adorable.


On Thursday, at 3 days old, he met with our pediatrician. Everything was good except his weight. He had dropped about 14% of his birth weight, which is not good. They want it in the 7-10% range, so we had some work to do. We were told to supplement with about an ounce or two of formula at every feeding. My milk had already came in, so I was a little discouraged. Last time, my supply was low, and this time, my baby wasn’t gaining like he should have been.

That evening, we tried his first bottle. He was having no part in it. He had only had one wet diaper and a few dirty ones. On this day, he should have had about 3 of each. My nephew had been a few days old when they discovered his kidney problem, which had similar symptoms. We didn’t want to mess around and wait because if that were the case, we may not have much time. So Nolly had his first trip to the ER. The ruling was jaundice. His levels were good, so we were released. Jaundice can make them feel sleepy and not want to wake to eat or fall asleep after only a short time of eating.


Luckily, the past few days, he has perked up and actually woken us up or woken up to eat himself. It’s still not 2 hours like most newborns, but he is definitely having the wet and dirty diapers we were hoping for, which is a good sign it was just his intake and not a more serious problem.

We had a weight check this morning to see. He was 5lbs 10.5 oz. He gained 6 oz in 4 days!  I had mentioned to our Dr that the formula didn’t go so well. I had first fed him through a dropper, but he only got a few mls at a time. Then he’d drink it from the bottle, but only about half an ounce. Then by the second day, he just wouldn’t have it at all. He would spit up almost all of it, including the breast milk he had gotten, so I decided to supplement with expressed breast milk and that seemed to really help. So until he can wake up a little more on his own every couple of hours, I am still nursing and giving him a little extra from the bottle at the end. She was super pleased with his weight gain and we will see her again in a few weeks! What a relief. I was having serious baby blues about it!

On the agenda for this week is a nursing session (photos of me nursing him). I have always wanted some, but never had the opportunity with Liam. A great local photographer, Courtney Venable is offering them for free, so what a blessing! I just hope I can wrangle two kids downtown by myself for the first time!


Then, we have Nolly’s newborn pictures with our talented photographer, Maria Thompson. I have been planning this session for, basically, three years, so excited is an understatement.

Kyle went back to work right after our appointment today. He has been such a blessing this past week and I pray for his return to work. He has bonded really closely with Nolan and I know it has to be hard going back so soon. He has done almost all of the housework and helps me at night when I have to feed him.


Liam is adjusting as well as a 3, almost 4-year-old can. He loves Nolan a ton! Anytime Nolan makes a little noise, he runs over to check on him. He is having a harder time adjusting to sharing his time, but he is doing pretty well!


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Nolan Reed’s Birth Story

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Well, here we are. Not even 24 hours post-partum. Little Nolan Reed, aka Liam’s brother, aka Nolly Bear came into the world at 2:20 on January 25, 2016. He weighed 6lbs 2 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long. He was born at 36 weeks 5 days.

As we all know, Mr Nolly has been acting up for a couple of weeks. On Saturday (Jan 23) I was having some painful contractions around 5-7 minutes, so they had me come in. My cervix was still 3cm and 50% effaced. I, again, was sent home, but told this seemed more like early labor than false labor. They said I’d be more comfortable at home and to come back when contractions were around 2-3 minutes.

I went home and they had pretty much gone away…false labor I thought. Then, Sunday evening, I started getting contractions. This time, way more painful…I started to remember what REAL contractions felt like. I kind of sat for an hour and timed them. First 11 minutes…then 7…then 5. So I started walking to see if it made them worse or closer together. Yup. After about an hour of that, they were just under 3 minutes and way more painful. I knew I’d be laying in a bed in triage, so I wanted to make sure they did not go away, so I went and laid down. They instantly stopped. So, we called off the swat team (aka babysitters) and headed to bed. Every hour I’d be woken up by a contraction. Around 6:30, I started to feel them about 7 minutes apart. I then heard/felt a pop down south. I hadn’t had that when Liam’s water broke since I had been sleeping, but I had read about it in pregnancy books. But I felt nothing, so I figured it must have been my imagination. Around 2 minutes later…

…I knew. “Babe, I think my water is breaking! Yep, it’s definitely breaking. Still breaking….yep. I need a towel.”


Our last picture as a family of 3!

We all kind of did our happy dances, called people, and got Liam ready to send to drop in care. After almost 3 years of trying to conceive, the pills, the diets, the high-risk pregnancy, we were going to meet our sweet boy.

I didn’t have much pain at first, but by the time we got to the hospital, I had some painful ones around 4-5 minutes. My water had definitely broken, I was 5 cm and 70% effaced. FINALLY ADMITTED! 5th time is a charm! :)

I wanted/tried to go as natural as possible. My Dr and nurses were VERY accommodating to that, which is so much different than my last L&D. Which is pretty much why I chose them in the first place! I had my birth ball, my birth affirmations, my Colbie Calliat Pandora, my robe, and my dim lighting. I was so proud of myself…but then I hit transition. I had always been open to an epidural, but wanted to avoid it if possible. I tried nuvane first. It took the edge off, but they were still extremely painful. I decided to get the epidural so I could try to rest up.


My epidural was put in and then my nurse checked me. 8 cm! Not even 15 minutes later, I could still feel my lower half, and started to feel LOTS of painful pressure. My nurse checked me again and I was at 10! My epidural hadn’t even had a chance to fully kick in yet! We called in my doc because baby’s heart rate was a tad low. They gave me oxygen and had me do a couple of practice pushes. Little man’s eyes were stuck on my pelvic bone, which was causing the drop in heart rate. My doctor tried to turn him to see if that helped. It did, but the little stinker would flip right back around!

Are you keeping up? I am essentially going oh natural, baby’s heart rate is low, and my doctor is keeping him turned to keep his heart rate up for about 8 minutes….ouch! Ah!

He has me do some more pushes and has me stop to break down my bed..because Nolly was on his way!

After 3 big pushes, Nolan Reed entered the world. Despite scaring us all at the end…he came out with a full set of lungs, that he used for several minutes! :)


Being “early-term”, he has a little more monitoring. Thanks to my gestational diabetes he has to be pricked every couple of hours for the first 24 hours, but he is doing well! He also has to do a car seat test since he was born before 37 weeks, but that makes my car seat nazi heart happy!

Our first visitor had to be big brother. Liam came in a bit overwhelmed and excited, so he didn’t stay long, but he ran over and said “is dat baby Nowan?” The nurses were finally weighing and doing all their tasks so they were messing with him and he was fussing. “Hey, don’t touch him! It’s okay baby Nowan!” As soon as he held him, we all melted. He just stared at him. “Hi Nowan, want to watch a video?” I love that little peanut.


My brother and his girlfriend came to meet him and of course, Aunt Jess came by after work. We’re anticipating a few more visitors today and a couple this weekend.

We are so overjoyed and blessed beyond belief! & I can tell people I basically went naturally! ;) God knew my desires and fulfilled them as always! Although I would have preferred that epidural ;)





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